Code & Driver Signing Certificates

Build trust with your customers through a unique digital signature.

Code Signing Certificate

$ 199.99

Per Year
  • Validates and secures your code
  • Eliminates security warnings during download and installation
  • Protects with high-grade SHA-2 encryption
  • Includes free malware scanner

Code Signing Certificate

$ 199.99

Per Year
  • Required for all Microsoft® hardware drivers, Windows Vista® or later
  • Validates and secures your code
  • Eliminates security warnings during download and installation
  • Provides high-grade SHA-2 encryption
  • Reinforces security with cross-certificate validation
  • Includes free malware scanner

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Code Signing Certificate?

Interactive content on the web requires a method of verifying the authenticity of web content (like downloadable files). Users undertake a certain amount of risk when downloading and installing software or running scripts.

Code signing is a digital signature that validates the origin and legitimacy of software, scripts, and files distributed to end users. Code signs don’t alter the software – they merely tell you with confidence who it came from.

Code Signing Certificates provide the same level of trust as when customers visit a store to buy your product -they know it’s legitimate because they bought it from an official source.

Inspire user confidence with a MojoEngine Code Signing Certificate or MojoEngine Driver Signing Certificate.

Who needs a Code Signing Certificate?

Code Signing Certificates help inspire user confidence that the software you are distributing is legitimate.

Software developers use Code Signing Certificates to sign their application packages so customers know who produced it and where it came from. Signing your code also prevents a third-party or man-in-the-middle from altering your software before it’s distributed.

Content publishers can digitally sign anything that might be distributed to a customer. Macros, firmware images, virus updates, configuration files, and software modules are all perfect for code signing.

Sometimes software like ActiveX controls and Java Applets present challenges in identifying the source of the code and code signing plays an important role in proving where it came from.

Most web users know they shouldn’t download software from unknown places on the Internet. It’s critical your users know and trust the code you publish to the Internet.

How does code signing work?

Modern Internet browsers are set to higher security levels, often requiring content to be signed. Internet Explorer for example, uses Authenticode® technology to validate the authenticity of the publisher to ensure the file has not been tampered with.

When a code signed file is downloaded from a website, the browser extracts the certificate and validates the signature against an internal list of well-known certificate authorities. If the signature breaks, the browser alerts customers the file is not safe.

How does someone know they can trust my signature?

Digitally signed files are validated by the user’s browser when they attempt to download the content. A security warning will pop up telling them the file is not safe if the file fails validation. These warnings can cause confusion for the user.

Digitally signing your application code prevents unnecessary dialog prompts from appearing when users attempt to run your executable file.

After I purchase a Code Signing Certificate, what do I need to do?

After you complete your purchase of a Code Signing Certificate, you will need to initiate a certificate signing request (CSR). Depending on how you plan to use the certificate, you might be able to generate the CSR automatically, or use a tool like OpenSSL to generate the SSL.

After you submit your request, the Registration Authority (RA) reviews your request and may reach out if they have further questions. The entire process can be monitored in your account dashboard.

Once your request has been approved, we’ll send you and email with a link to download your certificate and any intermediate certificates.

You also have the ability to timestamp your signature block with Authenticode to show your certificate was valid during the time the code was signed.

For more information, see Request code or driver signing certificates in the help center.